If your student's new school is also part of a new/different school board, you may need to re-add the student to your SCO account and affiliate them with he correct DSB. This is due to the fact that your student's identifying information (such as their sate / provincially assigned student number) may change when they change districts.

If the school that your student attends needs to be updated, it is the school and the District School Board (DSB) who will need to update this information on their end. Accordingly, the first step in order to proceed is to ensure that the school and the district have updated their records.

When a student changes school boards, they may remain attached to their old school board. If this occurs, the SCO user can unsubscribe from the student and then re-add the the student to their SCO account by affiliating the student with the new DSB. 

For more information regarding how to unsubscribe from a student, please click here.

For more information regarding how to subscribe to / re-add a student to your SCO account, please click here

Account - How To Unsubscribe From A Student

How To Remove A Student From Your SCO Account

Step 1 

Go to the correct URL for your district's School Cash Online site- Example: https://[yourdistrict].schoolcashonline.com

Step 2

Click Sign In at top right of the SCO home page & enter your log-in information.

Step 3

Please select the My Account tab and then select My Students from the drop-down menu.

Step 4

Select Remove.

A popup will appear to confirm your request to remove the student.

Click Yes.

Your Student has now been successfully removed.

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